Avatar: The Nine Tales

The Nine Tales


At the end of Each Year there is a great Conference held in New Republic City where those of industrial and the artistic schools also come to share knowledge and exchange Ideas. the leaders of the four nations convene to discuss the happenings of their nation With the Avatar, seeking the Avatars guidance, wisdom, or assistance with situations within their lands.

But this year was different. The Avatar did not Convene with the leaders. At first this was only a frustration. The Current Avatar, Avatar Kameko (earth Nation), was normally very prompt and had never missed a meeting since she had completed her training. when the conference ended and the avatar had not yet arrived the frustration became worry. An envoy was sent to the Avatars House which was found utterly destroyed. ( there were no signs of struggle this seems like it was more an act against the avatar rather than something that happened to her ) No imbalance between the worlds has been felt so the avatar must still be alive somewhere. It has only been a week since her disappearance and most of the nations while concerned were willing to wait but at the behest of New republic City president Ayrua Tsuron (the avatar’s fiance) a small detachment has been pieced together in hopes of locating her.

You are the Jiānhùrén ( guardian ) of the Avatar. You have been hand selected by your nation’s leaders to Discover the Fate of the avatar and bring Her back. You are also to aid the nations in the avatars Absence. Help the people where you can and maintain balance.


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